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Dennis Voigt - 25 Essential Retriever Training Drills for Handling

This DVD and Field Guide show 25 Essential Drills and Exercises to teach, refine, or maintain your dogs handling skills.

You can improve handling performance with these drills, whether you have a field trial, hunt test or hunting retriever.

Inside you will learn:
  • Learn drills to develop great teamwork with your dog while you increase land and water, casting and lining skills.
  • Field Exercises and Drills help improve all levels of dogs become better on land and water blinds.
  • The Problem-solving drills will provide you with solutions to common issues.
  • Watch dogs that have mastered important drills and others doing them for the first time.
  • A companion Field Guide to Essential Retriever Training Drills for Handling includes all the drills with their purpose, procedure, diagrams and key notes. Use it to review each drill, plan your training and trouble-shoot in the field.

2 DVD set, 70 Page Field Guide and s/h in the US

Dennis Voigt has trained multiple Field Champions and won 3 National Championships while training alone the majority of the time.

He hunts extensively with all of his dogs on both waterfowl and upland game. Learn his methods here.

Inside you will learn:
  • How to throw marks by yourself to improve marking
  • How to choose and use remote control devices for realistic hunt test, field trial and hunting set-ups
  • Methods to become a better handler and trainer
  • Favorite land and water set-ups to improve marking and handling
  • Special problem-solving and teamwork drills
  • Valuable tips on how to train effectively, efficiently and humanely

"Dennis' methods for training alone are a real plus for the amateur who doesn't have all the help that many professionals enjoy. But what's a real eye- opener for me is that some of these techniques are actually so effective that they are sometimes better than having the big set-ups with multiple throwers..." Mike Lardy

2 DVD set includes over a 100 minutes of instruction and demonstration, a comprehensive manual, $99.95 includes s/h in the US